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About United Spray Foam LLC


After 16 years of traveling to the cities every day for residential and commercial carpentry, I always wanted to own my own business. While working I came across spray foam insulation that caught my interest. 


I spent a lot of time researching the trade, took some training classes and went onto purchasing my first spray foam rig. After so many years of working with different contractors on different jobs I have acquired specific skills and know the whys and hows of framing. It's just like 2nd nature to me now.


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Benefits of Spray Foam:

  • Preferred method of insulation (green or not)

  • Spray foam insulation creates an air seal and prevents moisture laden outside air from entering the attic and other areas

  • Prevents the radiant heat from migrating to the living areas

  • Lower humidity levels create indoor air quality that is much more comfortable to live in (like in our climate in Minnesota)

  • Spray foam combined with Low E glass in the windows will have a 40-60% lower utility bill​


Spray Foam Facts:

  • ​2 inches of foam is required to create a vapor retardation

  • At 4 inches of closed cell foam it becomes 93% efficient

  • Closed cell foam is 90% closed and is a greater radiant product

  • Closed cell will not hold water and improves racking strenghth of some structures up to 400%

Home Concerns:

  • Ice Dams

  • Condensation 

  • Mold

  • Frost

  • Drafty Rooms

  • High Heating, Cooling costs 

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