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Locally Owned and Operated

United Spray Foam LLC is a full-service insulation company.


It doesn't matter how small of job, we do them all: additions, garages, barns, under your kids school bus to insulating your dream home or large commercial projects. 

Our Services

Batt Insulation

Blown Fiberglass or Cellulose

Closed Cell Foam

Mineral Wool

Removal of Old Insulation


Foam Sealing



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*Answers may vary on job specifics

1. What is the R-value of your foam?

A. We like to use foams that are at R7 per inch or as close to that as possible.

2. How many inches do you need in an exterior wall?

A. R21 is code therefore we put 3" of foam.

3. What is the difference between open and closed cell foam?

A. Closed cell foam is denser and has a higher R-Value also the cells are closed which keeps air and moisture from passing through.

B. Open cell foam have cells that are open which is like a sponge. It is a softer material and will allow water and air to pass through. 

4. Why are foams different colors?

A. Each manufacture has added dye to their foam so you can tell them apart essentially each closed cell foam has their similarities and differences like density, R-value, etc.

5. Do I need a vapor barrier over closed cell foam?

A. NO, you do not. At the proper thickness of foam it offers a vapor retardation.



Little Falls, Minnesota

"We were surprised to see how well the foam insulation worked in our new home. We heard discouraging reports about foam insulation in the past and were surprised at the improvements as applied in our new home. We were impressed by the contractor's dedication to quality workmanship and Prompt attention to our unique situation .  After completed we noticed an immediate impact on the fuel usage  and a much "tighter" home.  We will recommend United Spray Foam LLC  to  all their future clients.  Well done gentleman!

Chuck & Sandy Forss
New Home Owners

Central Minnesota

"If you are building a house and/or are contemplating putting in foam insulation, just do it. Our other house was almost 16oosq feet, and we had a power bill of about $250 a month. This house is right at 2400sq feet and our power bill has not been about $150.00 for the month. It cost us around $2,000 to put the insulation in the attic (runs above the whole top part of the house). It is definitely worth it!

The Anderson's

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